Verizon is getting the HTC One, and will do so sometime this summer – that much has been confirmed. Unfortunately, that’s still a pretty big window for when the phone could arrive, and we haven’t been too lucky at narrowing it down. While a couple ideas have been tossed around, they either haven’t sounded too reliable, or mentioned dates so far off that we just didn’t want to believe they could be true. Well, today a document purporting to be a leaked Verizon roadmap has turned up, and if we’re to believe it’s legit, it reveals when we can expect to see sales begin for not just the Verizon HTC One, but the much-anticipated Motorola Moto X.

Instead of sometime in September, this source proposes that the HTC One will come to Verizon on August 1. That’s a Thursday, which makes sense for a Verizon retail launch.

Then just about three weeks later, on August 23, this document claims the Moto X will arrive. OK, but can we trust all this?

Well, the document talks the talk fine enough, but there’s really nothing overly convincing about this coming from Verizon – it could just as easily be thrown together in any text editor. The Moto X is also described as the “Motorola X” rather than its proper name.

Maybe the oddest bit isn’t anything that’s here, but what’s absent: no mention of the Droid Ultra/Maxx/Mini. Recent leaks sure made it look like Verizon was interested in launching some of those in August, so they should absolutely be mentioned on a document like this. Unless, that is, one or both of these finds are misleading us. Until we learn some more, it’s going to be tricky to determine what’s really right.


Source: phoneArena

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