Verizon-locked Moto E4 goes $30 off to irresistible $40 on Amazon for limited time

Lenovo’s entry-level 2017 Motorola-branded smartphone for the US can be yours these days at $129.99 unlocked, $99.99 with Amazon “lock screen offers & ads” for Prime members only, $69.99 from Verizon on Big Red’s prepaid plans, $49 with MetroPCS service, or even $39.88 through Amazon for a limited time.

What’s the sub-$40 version’s catch, you ask? It’s carrier locked to Verizon, where you’ll need to activate it on a $40 and up monthly prepaid plan. That’s right, the phone is actually cheaper than unlimited US talk and text, plus 3 gigs of high-speed data, followed by 128 kbps-throttled web browsing and streaming.

Pretty crazy bargain, which explains why the Moto E4 is listed as shipping “within 1 to 4 weeks” at the time of writing. Amazon is no doubt running low on inventory, so don’t be surprised if the price jumps back up to $69.99 any moment now or the modest 5-incher goes indefinitely out of stock.

And yes, the mobile hardware is modest by typical 2017 standards, but all things considered, it’s impressive you’re getting near-stock Android 7.1 Nougat software, 720p screen resolution, quad-core Snapdragon 425 processing power and 2GB RAM for just 40 bucks.

Also, 8 and 5MP rear and front cameras equipped with LED flash, 2.5D curved glass, “all-day” battery life, fingerprint recognition, and even a nice water-repellant coating allowing you to “worry less.”

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