Verizon-exclusive Lumia Icon still likely to get Windows 10 support, at least for Insiders

Disregarding promises made a while ago, and turning a deaf ear to widespread online dissent, Microsoft cleared the air regarding Windows 10 Mobile updates for devices launched on WP 8.1, stating its far too short list of eligible models was final.

But is it really? No, there’s still no software makeover hope for ultra-low-end Lumias packing a skimpy 512MB RAM, despite one such phone remaining the second most popular of its kind three whole years after its commercial debut.

On the bright side, a slightly newer and way more powerful member of the defunct Nokia Lumia family was confirmed to be “still under consideration” for a W10M promotion back in March. And now the Icon is guaranteed at least long overdue inclusion in the Technical Preview program “in the near future.”

It of course absolutely makes sense to grant Lumia Icon users on Verizon access to Insider beta builds from the “Dev Branch” soon, since this is virtually the same exact gadget as the “international” Nokia Lumia 930. And guess what, the 930 is on the list of Windows 10-eligible devices, having received pre-release ports for a long, long time now.

We’re talking robust, ageless slabs of silicon here, with sharp 5-inch Full HD displays in tow, Snapdragon 800 power inside the hood, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 20MP Carl Zeiss rear cameras, and 2,420 mAh battery juice.

Bottom line, let’s look at this as a natural first step towards an official, stable, fully polished OTA upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile for the Lumia Icon. There simply is no reason you shouldn’t dream big, and no excuse for Redmond and Big Red prospectively giving the 2014 phone the cold shoulder.

Source: Twitter
Via: Windows Central

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