Verizon reportedly cancels LTE-capable LG Watch Sport, but why?

It’s easy to understand why one of the still relatively few Android Wear fans would favor an LTE-enabled LG Watch Sport over the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-only Watch Style. Granted, the latter is cheaper, significantly so on occasion, and some may also find it prettier.

But the standalone LTE connectivity, alongside built-in GPS, NFC support for Android Pay and heart rate monitor on the Watch Sport, make for a decidedly superior piece of wearable hardware, absolutely worth its premium. If you can find it, order it and actually receive it, that is, because it’s lately been impossible to come by at Google’s US e-store.

It’s also sold out at Best Buy in an AT&T-compatible titan silver flavor, while Verizon no longer acknowledges the existence of a model designed to work on America’s largest network. Was this the shortest commercial stint of any product ever? Technically, no, as Big Red appears to have cancelled the device before it could properly roll out.

Folks awaiting their pre-orders to be fulfilled are reportedly getting cancellation emails instead and free $100 credit they can apply towards a different smartwatch purchase. No prizes for guessing what Verizon is probably hoping you’ll choose as a replacement. Still, the question remains – is there something seriously wrong with the LG Watch Sport?

Also, will AT&T pull the plug as well? Has LG messed up again? Is there really no hope for Android Wear? How might Verizon’s Samsung Gear S3 delay be connected to this? Will we ever get a Firefly season 2?

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