LG can be super-weird sometimes when it comes to software support. Depending on where you live and what kind of phone you can afford, the Korean device manufacturer’s quirkiness is occasionally a good thing, but often… not.

For instance, the high-end G5 started receiving official Nougat goodies way back in November 2016 in the company’s homeland, followed by the first US carrier rollout the very same month. However, it was only last week, i.e. a full half a year later, that a 7.0 update reached the North American unlocked model.

Meanwhile, both the V10 and G4 are kept waiting, at least internationally, but T-Mobile’s Stylo 2 Plus, as well as Verizon’s Stylo 2 V and K8 V, can already leave Marshmallow behind with minimal effort or hassle.

Granted, those three mid-rangers debuted commercially after those two flagships, but the LG G4 and V10 are still unquestionably better and even more popular phones, having sold millions of units around the world.

One man’s misfortune is of course another man’s gain, and we’re sure a few lucky LG K8 V owners will be pleasantly surprised by their swift move to a modern Android version. Everything from Multi-Window functionality to quick app switching, Doze on the Go energy efficiency, notification direct reply, data saver, fresh security patches and so on and so forth is baked into the low-end 5-incher’s over-the-air Nougat promotion to basically improve the handheld from the ground up.

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