America’s number one wireless service provider (at least by subscriber count) has been as slow as always to roll out updates to the newest Android iteration for its best phones, but out of nowhere, a genuine Marshmallow downpour seems to have just started on Verizon.

The Big Red-locked HTC One M9 led the way with a manufacturer announcement late last week, and is now reportedly receiving OTA 6.0 goodies, while the LG G3 and LG G4 should join the party any minute.

All three devices have their specific bundles of joy detailed on the carrier’s support portal, so clearly, we’re looking at extensive, nationwide software promotions here. You may think that note is unnecessary, but we’ve actually seen a few isolated G3 units score Marshmallows before without proper notice on VZW.

Bottom line, this is no soak test or beta experiment, it’s the real thing. And it’s most impressive as far as the ancient LG G3 is concerned, since AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are all yet to dispatch Android 6.0 to the 2014 5.5-incher.

Meanwhile, the G4 already earned its stripes on Verizon’s three main rivals, and the HTC One M9 left Lollipop behind on Sprint a couple of weeks back, with the T-Mo version moving to build 6.0 as we speak.

The changelogs look a bit different on Big Red’s website, but at the end of the day, the highlights are all the same: Doze mode battery life optimizations, instant Google Now on Tap notifications, runtime permissions, Silent Mode.

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