Verizon Launches Phone Trade-In Program

Verizon has rolled out a new program wherein it will give you store credit towards an old handset, allowing you to avoid the seedy underworld of eBay altogether in favor of the welcoming arms of your new service provider. Verizon will take any phone, regardless of manufacturer or previous carrier, meaning that even your old RAZR has a home at Big Red.

Now there’s a bigger downside here than just the substitution of VZW credit for cash: most of the phones you’ll want to trade-in are worth nearly nothing, with many — such as that aforementioned RAZR — literally paying out zero dollars. Even a device that still holds some value at a service like Gazelle, such as Touch Pro 2 valued at $98, nets you a not-so-cool twenty bucks directly through Verizon.

Of course you can always choose to donate your phone to HopeLine instead of taking the paltry sum Verizon is offering, and you’ll probably feel better about yourself along with scoring a small tax write-off to boot.

(via: BGR and Verizon)

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