Verizon joins BOGO Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge club

While we still highly doubt Samsung stacked up 10 million Galaxy S7 pre-orders in a few days in China alone, there’s no question the latest Android flagship duo is far more in demand globally than the S6 and S6 Edge this time last year.

Stateside, that’s due not only to the appeal of the two phones, but their relatively low prices and surprisingly compelling deals too. Most notably, you can buy one, and get a second one free from AT&T and T-Mobile, plus starting in a few hours, Verizon as well.

Big Red is yet to issue its obligatory press release on the matter, though extremely credible sources suggest the third GS7 BOGO arrangement will indeed be kicked off later today, March 18. Just like on T-Mo and Ma Bell, you have to purchase your first copy on a device payment plan in order to qualify.

Then, a VISA prepaid card in the full amount of your “backup” unit shall be provided in no more than 8 weeks. It’s unclear if the promo will be valid both online and in physical stores, but either way, it’s a pretty dreamy affair.

Think about it, a flat 5.1-inch Galaxy S7 currently sets you back $28 a month for two years from Verizon, tallying a grand total of $672. Meanwhile, the dual-curved 5.5-inch GS7 Edge costs $33 a month, or $792 all in all. Starting very soon, the less than seven Benjamins will cover the costs of two S7s, and you’ll pay roughly $800 for a cool pair of S7 Edges. Positively dreamy deal, especially with subsequent upgrades made so easy.

Sources: FierceWireless, SlickDeals

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