With the expected launch of the iPad 3 /or HD — rumored to be equipped with 4G LTE — on Wednesday, everybody seems to want a part of the huge buzz around Apple and its products

and Verizon is no stranger to that. A curious message was posted on Verizon’s web page recently, saying that “Something Is Coming”. Now, we all know that something will come soon and most of us agree it will be the next iPad but this doesn’t necessary mean that it will come to Verizon too. You might remember that the carrier got its iPhone quite late and the experience could be repeated with the iPad 3 (fingers crossed it won’t happen though and the new tablet will support the carrier).

The message on Verizon’s web page might as well be just a tease for whatever else they have in mind but the timing is, to say the least, curious, and has everybody thinking iPad instantly.

Source: Verizon

Via: iMore

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