Verizon iPhone deal now won’t need a trade-in

Verizon had been volleying against T-Mobile in a deals war that saw big credits toward devices go to customers that added a new line and then traded in their old device. But why trade in when you don’t have to?

Well, Big Red has decided to come back and drop the trade-in requirement, at least for new iPhones. Buy a pair of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X or a combination of any two, then add a new line on a Verizon Unlimited plan and then customers will be credited $699.99 over the course of 24 months.

Thinking about it one way, that essentially makes one base model iPhone 8 free, but it would make the other phone full price. Then again, think about getting a 256GB iPhone X for $450 instead. It all depends on how you view it.

Either way, with that service stipulation and credit payout, it’s a guaranteed lock-in for two years. Then again, the last time this deal came around, a trade-in was required. No telling how long this deal lasts, though.

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