Another iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 BOGO deal is coming, this time from Verizon

Verizon hasn’t been anywhere near as active as T-Mobile, AT&T and even Sprint on the flagship phone BOGO deal front over the past few months, but that’s set to change this Friday, when Big Red kicks off a straightforward and compelling buy-one-get-one promo.

All iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ shoppers will need to do to score two of those bad boys for the price of one is activate a new service line on a Verizon unlimited plan starting at $75 a month. Also, put both devices you’re looking to purchase on installment plans.

You’ll receive your discount as bill credit covering the cost of the complimentary smartphone over 24 months, and both new and existing subscribers, in the market for an upgrade or carrier switch, can do the BOGO dance for an unspecified limited time.

Of course, you can’t combine an iPhone with a Galaxy S, though you’re obviously free to pay for a larger variant of the same product and get a smaller one on the house. Or just order two identical iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus units, and offer one to a special someone as an epic Christmas gift.

There’s no trade-in required or any other sort of strings attached, and in case you’re wondering, Verizon currently sells the iPhone 8 starting at $29.16 a month, and the iPhone 8 Plus at $33.33 and up, while the Samsung Galaxy S8 and GS8+ fetch a minimum of $31.50 and $35 per month respectively. All in all, that’s $699.99, $799.99, $756, and $840. Now divide those prices in two, and you’ll understand just how sweet this deal is.

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