After a brief lull in news about KitKat updates for some of our favorite Android flagships, new tidbits started arriving earlier today, as we learned about the first Galaxy S 4 Android 4.4 updates to reach South Korea. Aside from the GS4, the other Android model that’s been demanding a lot of attention for its own KitKat update status has been the HTC One. Late last month, we heard from HTC about the delays it was facing, and how despite delivering updates to US carriers for certification, it could still be a few weeks before everything was approved and on its way out the door. Sprint got an early start when it let users manually trigger their updates, and today we get word of progress with another carrier.

HTC exec Mohammed Versi got on Twitter a little earlier this afternoon to share the news that Verizon has approved the update, delivering both Android 4.4 and the new Sense 5.5. While that doesn’t guarantee that the update will start going out OTA immediately, Versi says that users can look forward to its distribution “shortly.”

Come on, AT&T and T-Mobile; these CDMA guys are making you look bad!

Update: Verizon’s update has begun heading out to users.

Source: Mohammed Versi (Twitter)
Via: Android Police

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