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Verizon HP Elite x3 available from the Microsoft Store for $599

By Jules Wang November 2, 2017, 1:48 pm

Windows 10 Mobile may be dying out, but it still has a few phones out there. One of them, set to survive through the year after next, is the HP Elite x3 — an enterprise-tuned phone that has a Continuum-enabled dock, iris and fingerprint scanning and a quad HD AMOLED display because it’s cute like that.

In any case, while the GSM unlocked unit still comes up to the price of $799 at the Microsoft Store, that same outlet is selling a new, unlocked Verizon variant for the discount price of $599. Yes, the Desk Dock is included. Unfortunately, the Big Red variant is out of stock online, so the next best thing is checking to a brick-and-mortar store — though you might be more enticed by that Android-running Razer Phone instead.


According to MSPoweruser, the Verizon phone was actually priced at $500 for a time today or the days before.


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