Thinking about checking up with the checkmark for new service? You really sure about it? Maybe Verizon can make it a bit easier for you to come over.

The carrier is making available the promo code “FORYOU300” that slashes $300 off the price of a phone valued at $400 or greater. Over a 24-month installment plan, that $12.50 off per month. The catch? You need to activate it on a device payment (installment) plan.

Unfortunately while there are several phones that straddle the line at $399.99, they simply aren’t $400. The deal isn’t applicable to the iPhone SE, for example. On the other hand, one of the 14 phones eligible to be discounted is the $549.99 base model iPhone 6. At $249.99, we’re talking about $10.41 per month for 24 months. We have a full list of devices eligible for the promo and their final prices below.

Convinced? We’ve got no clue of when this deal will end, so mull it over — or do you feel like joining the dark side, turning pink or sprinting like hell?

Via: PhoneDog

  • DROID Turbo 2 – $7.25/mo.
  • iPhone 6 – $10.41/mo.
  • Galaxy S5 – $10.50/mo.
  • Galaxy S6 – $11.50/mo.
  • LG G5 – $13.50/mo.
  • HTC 10 – $14.50/mo.
  • iPhone 6 Plus – $14.58/mo.
  • iPhone 6s – $14.58/mo.
  • LG V10 – $15.50/mo.
  • Galaxy S7 – $15.50/mo.
  • Galaxy Note 5 – $16.50/mo.
  • BlackBerry Priv – $17.50/mo.
  • iPhone 6s Plus – $18.74/mo.
  • Galaxy S7 edge – $20.50/mo.
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