While Google can reportedly expect pretty hefty Pixel-generated revenue through the end of next year, the latest 2016 sales prediction of around 3 million units is actually lower than the previous “up to” 4 mil unofficial forecast.

But that may have nothing to do with the mass appeal of the Pixel and Pixel XL phones. After all, Verizon can’t sell something it’s not able to procure and ship in a reasonable time frame. Sooner or later, prospective buyers will lose their patience and look elsewhere for a Galaxy Note 7 replacement or Android-powered iPhone 7 alternative.

That Big Red customer interested in a 128GB Pixel XL and made to wait a couple more weeks than initially anticipated ultimately picked up a Moto Z Force Droid, for instance. Who can blame him when VZW again delayed the top-of-the-line 5.5-incher’s delivery, this time all the way through December 26?

Other early Pixel XL adopters are likely in similar positions, whereas new orders get even worse shipping estimates. Namely, “by” January 11 (yes, 2017) as far as the 32GB XL is concerned, and January 13 for the 128 gig configuration.

With sweet Black Friday weekend deals from Verizon decidedly in the rearview mirror now, your safest bet is to head over to the Google Store, or try your luck at Best Buy. The “normal-sized” Pixel, meanwhile, is available essentially everywhere with fast delivery in both 32 and 128GB SKUs.

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