Verizon lowers Google Pixel price to $5 a month with trade-in for back to school season

The US academic year doesn’t start for another five or six weeks, but Apple and Verizon know it’s never too early to prepare your slate of essential gadgets for back to school season.

Big Red is slightly more generous than Infinite Loop, though the network’s top savings offered for a “limited time” beginning July 27 are only valid for a particular Android phone that may not be very popular with the typical student.

It probably should be, don’t get us wrong, even a full nine months after its commercial debut, and with a sequel right around the corner. Especially at $5 a month for two years, the 5-inch Google Pixel is an absolute powerhouse and bargain, pre-installed Android 7.1 Nougat software, swift guaranteed O update, 4GB RAM and all.

The catch is you’ll need to trade in a perfectly functional, “eligible” device in good “cosmetic condition” to get this Pixel deal, as well as make monthly payments totaling “up to $420.” $300 “promo credit” will be applied to your account over 24 months, bringing the handset’s effective costs down to a crazy affordable $120.

Meanwhile, “select trade-ins” can hook you up with a maximum of $300 off Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6 device payment prices also starting on July 27, as long as you’re willing to switch to Verizon from a rival carrier or add a new service line to an existing account. That’s… an okay deal, we guess, but not exactly a steal.

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