Verizon’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL officially start receiving Android 8.0 Oreo updates

Still available for as little as $5 a month with eligible trade-ins or $17.50 no questions asked, no strings attached, no fine print to take into consideration… other than standard Verizon installment plan conditions, last year’s Google Pixel devices are about to get interesting again.

While only beta testers seem to have received the final, public, fully polished version of Android Oreo on the non-carrier-specific Pixel and Pixel XL thus far, Big Red is today “pleased to announce a software update” for its network-locked 5/5.5-inch duo.

This ain’t no false alarm either, as Verizon very clearly details new features and enhancements that are part of OS build 8.0’s highlights. Namely, Picture in Picture functionality allowing you to access other apps while watching a YouTube video, notification badges, channels and “visual cleanup”, a nice Always-On Display improvement, Instant Apps, Autofill and so on.

The “current software update benefits” also include security patches dated August 5, technically rolling out as we speak to owners of Verizon-bought Pixel and Pixel XL units on a stable Wi-Fi, with sufficient “gas” in the tank and… quite a bit of luck. That’s because these things are rarely distributed over-the-air immediately after an official announcement to more than a fortunate few users. Just be happy if you get your sweet Android Oreo serving by the end of the week. And if it’s not buggy as all hell.

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