Verizon go90 shuts down on July 31

While Apple is still looking at pilots and going into pre-production, AT&T is licking its chops at what it can do with its newly-acquired Time Warner media division. Verizon, however, is sunsetting its first attempt at original media.

VARIETY reports that the telecom’s go90 streaming service will be nixed on July 31. In addition to original short-form series, the channel also contained licensed recorded and live content. All of that, however, was not able to sustain viewership and, thus, advertisers. go90 had 17 million unique viewers per month after the service was heavily promoted on the media sites of its parent company, Oath.

That’s not to say that Verizon will be left without major media deals: it has garnered big mobile streaming contracts with the NFL and NBA and will be able to center editorial content around games and sell ads against them.

Behind the scenes, the magazine reports that development of the backend has been stop-and-go. Verizon had acquired Intel’s OnCue team for a 2014 streaming media project that ended up being shelved. The acquired team crafted go90’s portal. In 2016, Verizon acquired monetized video-streaming service Vessel and shuttered its direct-to-consumer business. It laid off the former OnCue members and had the former Vessel work on go90 instead.

The fates of go90 employees as well as the series that have appeared on the platform are uncertain, though it looks like another large round of pink slips will be issued.

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