Verizon giving 3 months of free cellular service to Apple Watch Series 3 owners

The Apple Watch Series 3 can track your swimming, connect to gym equipment and streaming any of 40 million songs from Apple Music. But if you want your watch to do the latter, you’ve gotta pay up $70 more than the regular version and pay up monthly to your carrier for a data connection.

AT&T, T-Mobile Verizon have all announced their charges: $10 a month. Verizon has gone one further and announced that it will provide 3 months of service for free.

We’re waiting on further word from AT&T as well as basic availability details from Sprint and will update this post when we get them.

Keep in mind that you have to jumpstart an Apple Watch by pairing it to an iPhone, so if you don’t already have an iPhone you’d like to own, be sure to wrap in the cost of that device as well as a voice line. We should remind you that the iPhone 7 is now $100 off its original price and the iPhone 6s is $200 off while the iPhone SE is now $50 off.

After that, dividing the price of a $399.99 watch into 24 months would yield payments of $16.67. An 18-month lease at that rate would leave users with a $100 difference by the end of the term.

Update: This story has been updated with availability information from T-Mobile.

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