Verizon’s Galaxy S4 gets a small OTA update

It’s not often we hear of updates for 2013 phones these days, with 2015 (and with it, CES) just a month away at this point. That also means that when these updates do come around, they’re bound to be important, and for some people this Verizon Galaxy S4 OTA update will be very well received.

So what’s this update about? Well, according to Verizon, it’s to fix an “intermittent power cycle issue”. That’s fancy talk for “the phone kept crashing, so we decided that we had to update it before we got more angry phone calls.”

Additionally, a VPN connectivity issue has been squashed. All in all, a good update, but this isn’t quite Lollipop yet – fingers crossed that the Verizon GS4 will be seeing that soon, if at all.

This update, bumping the version number up to KOT49H.I545VRUFNK1, is probably rolling out in batches, so don’t panic if you aren’t able to pull it over-the-air immediately. If you’re rooted, it probably isn’t a good idea to take the update, and if you plan on rooting your S4, we have the same advice for you.

Any of our readers get the update? If so, has it helped? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Verizon (PDF)
Via: Android Police

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