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Apparently, the software update that was supposed to kill the recalled Galaxy Note 7 once and for all on Verizon was not actually mandatory and automatic as we thought it was.

FORTUNE was told by Big Red that “thousands” of customers are actively using the Note 7 at this stage, well beyond the day an OTA package that would stop the device from charging was sent out. And this is coming from the company that held off on telling its customers when the update would come out.

And so, it is with this strange minority of the carrier’s subscriber base that Verizon has decided to escalate its recall support measures above and beyond. How? By rerouting every non-911 call to customer service and charging users for the full price of the Note 7 after it had refunded the cost of the device to all of its affected customers in the first place.

Unfortunately, if you’re talking about a desperate minority, you’re talking about people who would use their data to make VoIP calls instead — if they even make phone calls in 2017. The device charge might get to them first before the thought of cutting off LTE and CDMA access to these people, though.

The Checkmark is still offering a free exchange device and a $100 bill credit to Note 7 owners.

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