Tomorrow morning is when the Galaxy Note 7 will become a known entity. Taiwan will see things kick off on Friday. And soon, the world.

Given how Samsung has been able to claim domination with its Galaxy S7 releases this front half of the year, we wouldn’t even bother piping in a high-pitched cackle. In fact, plans for the Note 7’s launch seem a bit more calculated than maniacal.

A Verizon Wireless employee has apparently tipped off PhoneArena on what the carrier’s plans for the stylus-equipped phablet are in a memo which you can see below (with emphasis ours).


8/2 – Samsung announces product

8/3 – Preorders start

8/3 – POP will be hitting locations

Updated Banner for stands



Pull sheets

8/4 – Update of DRUM fixtures will start

Installers will be removing Note 5 and will leave in store

New Gear VRs will be provided

Wireless Charging Pads will be provided

8/8 – Wall and Table fixtures will start to be updated

8/19 – Product will launch

8/26 – Go Backs (revisits of any issue or no merchandise at first visit)

8/29 – Promotion will end

GroupO will ship 1-2 boxes direct to stores

1 new live Samsung provided or mock device (DO NOT OPEN, PUT ASIDE FOR INSTALLER)

POP/Merch will be shipped directly to each location prior to installation

Just because Verizon is starting pre-orders on Wednesday doesn’t mean that other carriers or retailers won’t immediately pre-orders the day of the event. Also, note the New Gear VR headset that will be compatible with major Samsung devices from the Note 7 going all the way back to the Note 4.

We don’t know what promotional plans Verizon will be offering in conjunction with the Note 7. T-Mobile is suspected to be launching the phone with a “buy one, get one” offer.

Source: PhoneArena

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