Verizon “Fireworks” changes announced in press conference

Verizon has a lot of changes presumed to be in the pipeline this week, including rollover data, roaming features and plan tweaks. It seems that the carrier has decided to pre-empt all those changes with an announcement of those changes today.

Big Red is telling us that it is “transforming the wireless experience” and will make official those changes in a press conference at 1pm Eastern.

We will update this piece when we get all the details.

Update: Verizon is rolling out a new version of its My Verizon mobile app that gives customers more and easier access to information they need, like who’s using how much data. Customers can also change their plans and services and pay for them as well directly on the app.

Verizon has also added more data to its tiers and have jacked up prices, just as rumored. Some new actions customers can turn on are Carryover Data, — unused data gets carried over to next month’s allowances — Safety Mode, — which throttles data from LTE speeds to 128kbps for the rest of the billing cycle on all devices on the account — Data Boost, — which adds a spare 1GB for $15 that cycle — and unlimited talk and text to and from Mexico and Canada. Safety Mode is free for XL and XXL plan customers and $5 per month for others. Mexico and Canada roaming for smaller-tier customers is $2 per day per line.

Plan Current Official
S 1GB / $30 2GB / $35
M 3GB / $45 4GB / $50
L 6GB / $60 8GB / $70
XL 12GB / $80 16GB / $90
XXL 18GB / $100 24GB / $110

Customers on the older Verizon plan can elect to keep their plans (and not get the new features), at least for now. The new My Verizon for iOS and Android will be packaged as an auto-update. All changes take effect starting tomorrow.

Source: Verizon

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