Despite winning numerous speed, reliability and customer satisfaction awards over the past year or so, T-Mobile may not be justified in calling itself the nation’s “best unlimited network.”

That’s because there are still notable wireless coverage differences between urban and rural areas, not to mention significant fluctuations from city to city, and even the occasional inconsistency within the same metropolitan region.

Bottom line, achieving the perfect balance of LTE reliability, consistency, low latency and top download and upload velocity will always depend on a number of factors, some of which are obviously beyond the user’s control.

What you can do to make sure you’ll take advantage of the latest industry advancements and breakthroughs is purchase a phone like Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+, already deemed the world’s all-around fastest mobile products, as they include cutting-edge technologies such as 4×4 MIMO capabilities or T-Mobile Band 71 support.

According to the latest comprehensive PC Magazine report on the nation’s “Fastest Mobile Networks”, the Galaxy S9 is on average capable of 41.80 and 11.36 Mbps download and upload speeds respectively, compared to only 31.18 and 9.88 Mbps for Apple’s latest iPhone X.

The S9 was therefore used for in-depth US testing of LTE network performance, and surprise, surprise, Verizon managed to beat T-Mobile with a near-perfect overall score of 99 points. The “Un-carrier” racked up 93, with AT&T in third place, at 88 points, and Sprint a distant fourth, with a modest 75 total.

While T-Mobile won “plenty” of regional awards, Big Red garnered an impressive 20 trophies in cities like Dallas, Los Angeles, New Orleans and San Francisco, as well as Northwest and Southwest rural and suburban areas.

But the wireless industry’s heavyweight champion probably can’t rest on its laurels, as the upcoming 5G transition could change everything. It’s not going to be a sudden change, but T-Mobile and Verizon are taking “radically different approaches” in their respective 5G implementations, opening the door to a very interesting battle going forward.

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