Was the BlackBerry 10 launch a success? Here we are, two and a half months since the Z10 first went up for sale in the UK, and there still isn’t a hard answer. Last week, we heard some claims that users just weren’t digging the Z10, and were returning the handset to retailers in record numbers. BlackBerry wasted no time striking back, calling that story straight-up false and insisting that returns were totally on-par with what any smartphone manufacturer should expect. Now we have another voice chiming-in, attempting to confirm BlackBerry’s own take on the situation.

Of course, BlackBerry itself has a vested interest in not letting claims like this stand, so it’s nice to get another party’s take on the matter. Verizon only started selling the Z10 at the tail-end of March, but it reports, “after 14 days, quality performance has been in line with other smartphone launches.”

The ultimate fate of BlackBerry may still take some time to get a read on, but as for this story of excessive Z10 returns, we think we can safely say at this point that it’s whole lot of nothing.

Source: Barron’s
Via: BerryReview

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