Verizon cruises over RootMetrics testing for 1H16 — T-Mobile last, but most improved

Time to knock some balls about.

RootMetrics chewed through 265,386 miles across all 50 states and performed nearly 3.7 million tests in conditions from the great outdoors to the urban jungles and, yes, even inside the concrete canopies of 125 metropolitan areas. All of that just to find out how our big four carriers in the US are doing.

So, how did everyone do? Well, Verizon’s the winner because duh, AT&T’s second, but who came in last?

Here are the criteria and scores (base on a 100-point scale):

Criteria AT&T Sprint T-Mobile Verizon
Reliability 92.4 90.1 84.0 95.7
Speed 86.1 72.2 85.8 91.0
Data 92.8 84.3 89.9 95.6
Call 85.2 86.2 71.3 91.2
Text 95.6 94.1 90.8 96.9
Overall 89.9 85.5 82.5 93.9

Sprint’s has better texting, calling and reliability than T-Mobile, but the Un-carrier wins where it hurts for plenty of you — data and speed. Still, magenta’s the straggler of the pack, 3 points behind the Now network. But it’s alive and kicking in last, not dead in the water — it’s the most improved in winning RootMetrics’ state and metro area competitions.

This time around, though, Sprint can’t say that its reliability is within 1 percent of Verizon’s.

On the state level, Sprint either shared a win or outright won 11 competitions out of a possible 300. T-Mobile came up with 20. AT&T lost trophies from last year, dropping from 110 to 82, but still came in second. Verizon had 274.

RootMetrics gets into the meat of things with download speed tests in 125 metropolitan areas. Sprint’s the laggard here with T-Mobile showing off its low-band expansion work. That said, everyone improved over the past six months on this front.

Carrier 0-5Mbps 5-10Mbps 10-20Mbps 20+Mbps
AT&T 1 24 93 7
Sprint 25 58 40 2
T-Mobile 3 24 68 30
Verizon 0 12 57 56

You can check out RootMetrics’s overall report as well as take a look at your own state and metro area results at our source link.

Source: RootMetrics
Via: Droid Life

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