T-Mobile claims that its network has the fastest LTE speeds in the nation and relied on data from Ookla and Open Signal to back it up. Verizon wasn’t particularly happy with the results in used and came to the National Advertising Division to complain.

The department of the non-profit Better Business Bureau investigated data from the above sources as well as Rootmetrics — which found Verizon to be the fastest — and was able to verify some of T-Mobile’s claims such as matching Verizon’s coverage to the 99th percentile. But as FORTUNE reports, some Speedtest may have been influenced by Verizon’s de-prioritization policy.

Since the advent of unlimited data plans, every carrier has a point where it will throttle a user’s speed in high traffic situations if they pass a certain data usage threshold in a billing cycle. When it introduced the Verizon Unlimited plan, Big Red’s stated limit was 22GB. Shortly after it updated its T-Mobile ONE plan in response, T-Mobile’s was 28GB, though that figure has since gone up.

The NAD recommended that T-Mobile drop its marketing on having the fastest 4G LTE network. T-Mobile originally agreed to follow on, but then said in a statement that it will use more recent data to support the claim.

NAD previously recognized third-party crowd-sourced data as a way to look at network performance, so we looked at the latest results, and verified what we already knew! T-Mobile is still the fastest LTE network and we’ll continue to let consumers know that!

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