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Verizon CEO on Sprint/T-Mobile deal: “We frankly don’t care.”

By Jules Wang May 6, 2018, 10:46 pm

Lowell McAdams looked from his office at Verizon headquarters in Renton, Washington, across a lake to T-Mobile’s headquarters in Bellevue.

“Is that where the hot air is coming out of?” the CEO rhetorically asked GeekWire.

McAdams displayed total ambivalence to the proposed merger of Sprint and T-Mobile in at least two interviews, with the other one we’re looking at going to The Seattle Times.

“We don’t have a point of view on whether it goes through or it doesn’t,” he told investors during the company’s earnings call.

Media descended upon the company’s headquarters as Verizon’s shareholders gather for their annual meeting. They discussed why, unlike its competitors, the broadband company is focused on delivering fixed 5G service instead of mobile 5G service in its initial phasing.

Well, McAdams assuaged concerns that Verizon was falling behind by saying that once home service started, mobile service would only be “six months behind. Critics have said that it mainly took the jockeying of T-Mobile in its 5G pursuits before Verizon would take mobile 5G seriously, but the executive called that claim “frankly silly.”

“Our view is we’re going to push like heck down this path of 5G.”

He also agrees with T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s assessment of the wireless market: it’s way bigger than four players at this point, insinuating incoming MVNOs like Xfinity Mobile, Project Fi and others that rely on Verizon’s (and the other players’) networks to operate.

“To look at this market as Sprint/T-Mobile versus AT&T versus Verizon is kind of silly. It’s far more dynamic and far more interesting frankly than that.”

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