Phone durability and battery life are still without a doubt the most glaring flaws of today’s increasingly stylish designs, but while OEMs will need to figure out a solution to the former problem all by themselves, mobile network operators may actually be able to help fix the latter gripe… someday.

Both wireless service providers and telecommunications equipment manufacturers have insisted of late the advent of 5G technology will not only be about improving download speeds on the fly.

Cellular network reliability should greatly progress and latency is likely to be drastically reduced once the world will be ready to leave behind the 4G LTE standard. The sky might just be the limit for all the mind-boggling changes this “fourth industrial revolution” could bring with it to people’s connected lives.

According to Verizon CEO and dreaming man Lowell McAdam, ultra-low 5G latency may crucially contribute to mobile phones expanding their endurance between charges from one or two days to a full month.

Yup, if McAdam understands the technology correctly, in just a few years, we’ll only have to remember to charge our handsets every 30 days or so. That’s certainly an “optimistic vision” of the 5G revolution, according to industry pundits, who fear “worryingly lofty expectations” are being set by these utopian comments.

The fact of the matter is no one knows where the market is heading, and how it might transform three, five or ten years down the line. And that’s precisely the problem with McAdam’s ambitious “predictions.” Still, if network latency will indeed drop from the current 100ms “standard” to less than one millisecond, we should definitely gear up for a major paradigm shift… of some sort.

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