You know what Verizon-locked Android smartphones need more of? Pre-installed bloatware, aka junkware or crapware, or rather “brandware”, as Ad Age dubs an upcoming new type of unnecessary apps you may soon see Big Red load your handhelds up with by default.

These will differ from manufacturer or carrier-proprietary software bloat in several important aspects, as America’s number one wireless service provider seeks between $1 and $2 for each device “affected” in possible deals struck with “big” retail and finance brands, among others.

For the time being, it’s unclear exactly what companies VZW has been courting, and if any alliances are on the verge of being formed, with unnamed advertising agency executives showing skepticism about the scheme’s long-term effects and benefits.

While $1 to $2 is arguably a lowly sum to pay and get your products out there, in front of a huge audience, the (justified) fear concerns the average user’s crapware behavior. In 9 out of 10 cases, if not more, you’ll either dispose of the apps you don’t need or want off the bat (if allowed), or take a quick gander at them, and then forget they ever existed. Hence, this move could rapidly boost download figures, but fail to help with engagement in lack of a dedicated follow-up strategy. Overall, there’s no reason to panic… yet.

Source: Ad Age
Via: Engadget

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