Ever since late last month, we’ve been able to associate the BlackBerry 10 L-series hardware with the name Z10, thanks to a number of leaked RIM documents. While not particularly likely, the very slim possibility remained that Z10 could still be an internal name for the handset, or at least one that wouldn’t be universally applied. Now that’s very much looking not to be the case, upon a new leak revealing the (unfortunately, in a very low-res screenshot) Verizon web page being prepared for the Z10’s debut.

The message here seems clear: even though we had heard about a number of different codenames for the various regional and carrier variants of the L-series hardware, everyone’s going to be calling it the Z10. Though we haven’t seen as strong support for the X10 (nee N-series), likely due to its later launch than the Z10, it only follows that the X10 name will similarly be applied across its release in all markets.

Do you think that there are any new big BlackBerry 10 surprises waiting for us in the days leading up to the January 30 launch, or are we just going to be seeing more and more confirmation of what we already know?

Source: evleaks (Twitter)

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