Verizon may have confirmed Apple Watch Series 3 name and LTE, as old models start to vanish

The mother of all Apple-related leaks (no, not that one) seems to have revealed everything from the final names of the three new iPhones due for an official announcement tomorrow to their camera specifications, RAM counts and more details on Face ID technology. Also, a few nifty tidbits about the standalone LTE connectivity built into the Apple Watch Series 3.

What iOS 11 “golden master” code has bizarrely not corroborated just yet is exactly that long-rumored marketing label of the third-generation “iWatch.” Enter Verizon, which inadvertently and randomly listed the Apple Watch Series 3 as one of the network’s “connected devices” for a short while over this extremely eventful past weekend.

Big Red’s “device details” app section appears to pretty much confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt both the Apple Watch Series 3 name and its highly anticipated inclusion of iPhone-independent 4G LTE speeds.

Now all that’s left to be unveiled is retail pricing across America’s “big four” carriers, as well as hopefully a couple of additional selling points. Maybe a redesign, definitely an expansion of athletic activity tracking capabilities, possibly some actual life-saving functionality too.

On a partially unrelated note, the US online Apple Store seems to be rapidly running out of inventory for certain older models. The entire Hermès line is gone, at least for the time being, while the 42mm Apple Watch Edition is “currently unavailable.” Did someone say family refresh? It’s a strong possibility, although it could also mean nothing at all.

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