Samsung has been anything but fast in optimizing and especially stabilizing Oreo goodies for its three flagship phones released last year. On the bright side, US carriers actually did a pretty decent job of rapidly spreading the love nationwide, while the world’s largest smartphone vendor moved on to updating one of its best 2017 mid-rangers to the latest Android flavor.

Surprisingly, it now seems Verizon has beaten both its local wireless service industry rivals and global operators to the 8.0 punch as far as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are concerned. That’s right, we’re yet to hear of a single variant of these two 2016 high-enders around the world promoted to Android Oreo. Unlocked models included.

Meanwhile, Big Red has already posted the full details of the software makeover on its official support webpage, urging users to connect their devices to Wi-Fi or check that they have a strong cellular data connection, as well as fully charge the battery before downloading all the good stuff over-the-air.

Sadly (and confusingly), a number of Verizon subscribers claim to have only been able to renew the security patch level on their Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge units after the latest update. Still, there’s a good chance Oreo will begin to roll out in earnest later today, so keep checking. It’d be really bad for Verizon if this were a false alarm.

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