Verizon is expected to carry both 2016 Nexus devices, but likely on its own terms

The nation’s largest wireless communications service carrier and the world’s number one search provider have been engaged in a love-hate relationship for many years now. Heavily favored by Google when the Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus launched back in the day, Verizon messed up the stock Android experience with unnecessary bloat and delivered tardy updates.

Nothing was the same afterwards for Nexus devices on Big Red, which arrived late, or lacked CDMA support if purchased outside the operator’s own stores. But this fall, the rapport between the two tech giants could become friendly again, as Verizon is tipped to carry the HTC-producedSailfish” and “Marlin.”

However, the voice of unauthorized inside info reveals and reason, Evan Blass, expects the 2016 “Nexus” handsets to land with certain caveats on the most widespread cellular network in the US. The mysterious quotation marks tagged onto the phones might mean VZW will get Big G’s software-modifying approval back, possibly handling security patches and OS alterations in general too.

Or maybe, and we admit this is a crazy assumption, Verizon could release the Sailfish and Marlin as non-Nexus members, perhaps even branded as Droid Editions, similar to the Moto Z and Z Force. Either way, we’re intrigued to see the fruits of a prospective Google – Verizon – HTC collaboration.

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