Up until last week, it seemed like a given that the HTC Droid Incredible would eventually get itself an official Gingerbread update. Though HTC was a little behind schedule for when we heard the release had been planned, it seemed like it would just be a matter of time. Then, out of the blue, an inquiry with HTC resulted in the statement that the Incredible was no longer on the list to get Gingerbread, due to HTC’s feeling that Gingerbread wouldn’t give the phone an “overall improved user experience”. Something about that statement didn’t feel quite right, and while it would still be great to get an official comment on the matter, for now it looks like Gingerbread is back on, with the revelation of Verizon support documents pointing to an imminent release.

As usual for a Verizon Android upgrade, the carrier has put support docs online in advance of the code’s release. Most of time, we’ll see the OTA head out withing a week, if not in days. Incredible system software 4.06.605.2 will upgrade the smartphone to Android 2.3.4. Along with all the changes to the operating system that Gingerbread brings with it, the Incredible will be getting a handful of messaging bugfixes (mainly related to MMS), the ability to get online over Bluetooth, and a fix for taking pictures without an SD card inserted.

We’ll feel slightly better once we see this update actually go out, but for now, it looks like last week’s pronouncement really was just an error.

Source: Verizon

Via: Droid-life

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