Intel hasn’t been successful in reaching out from its core business of computer processors. It has no presence in mobile, no presence in fitness and, now, no presence in smart glasses.

In fact, it has shut down its New Devices Group that has been working on a pair of smart glasses dubbed as Vaunt. The Verge, which had an exclusive first look of the product, got the following statement from Intel:

Intel is continuously working on new technologies and experiences. Not all of these develop into a product we choose to take to market. The Superlight [the codename for Vaunt] project is a great example where Intel developed truly differentiated, consumer augmented reality glasses. We are going to take a disciplined approach as we keep inventing and exploring new technologies, which will sometimes require tough choices when market dynamics don’t support further investment.

Superlight project lead Jerry Bautista had previous told Dieter Bohn that the company was “working with key ecosystem hardware providers” on the optics side, but it wasn’t clear where the mass market appeal could be boosted. Meanwhile, Intel is also at risk of losing its bread and butter from Apple with the potential of MacBooks dropping Core products.

The Vaunt was intended to be a non-invasive glasses product with no camera and a heads-up display that turns off when the user is not looking at it.

The New Devices Group had around 200 positions. It’s likely that some of them will be laid off.

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