Undecided between an aging but still raging Honor 5X, a brand-new, low-cost 6X, or a slightly pricier, considerably better Huawei Honor 8? The fast-growing Chinese manufacturer’s US arm is making your buying process even more complicated (in a good way), spreading the bargain-hunting love this Valentine’s Day.

No need to wait until February 14 to score a nicely discounted Honor phone either, as the 8 and 6X are already on sale, with limited supplies the only thing that could prevent them from staying marked-down all the way through the 14th.

Typically sold starting at $400 unlocked, the higher-end yet smaller 5.2-inch Honor 8 currently costs $320 with 32GB internal storage, and $370 in a 64 gig configuration, both prices representing $80 off list. Additionally, you’re eligible for a number of freebies, namely a TPU case and “accessories gift set” including a selfie stick and power cord.

Not too shabby, although third-party retailers can occasionally cut you even better deals. Meanwhile, the soon-to-be-updated-to-Nougat Honor 6X still costs $250, netting you $40 savings however on a bundled case, selfie stick and earbuds.

Last but absolutely not least, the Honor 5X can be yours for, get this, $1. The catch? You’ll need to be blazing fast, not to mention exceptionally lucky, to secure one of only three units practically given away for free every day between February 7 and 9, starting at 12 pm CST.

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