Disgusting Valentine’s Day ad campaign bills OnePlus 3T as the world’s most lickable smartphone

No stranger to controversial, distasteful and outright wrong publicity stunts in the somewhat distant past, OnePlus strikes again with a Valentine’s Day marketing campaign very obviously meant to shock.

Unfortunately, a commercial that actually starts off with a decent, original and crafty idea quickly takes a turn for the disgusting, as a number of OnePlus 3T owners get a little too into their powerful, fast, sleek and beastly phones.

If you thought T-Mobile was weird for literally punishing Kristen Schaal with Verizon’s surprise fees and confusing bills, wait until you see how these poor lesser-known actors hired by OnePlus express their fictional love for the 3T. Or just stop watching the below embedded video before the 40-second mark.

You’ve been warned, and if you really want to know what you’re missing, it’s a bunch of people kissing, fondling, sniffing, biting, and yes, climactically licking the mobile device with “so much RAM.” That’s not only visually repulsive, but also terribly unsanitary, as the OnePlus 3T isn’t soap-washable or anything.

Instead, it’s “sexy”, “buttery smooth”, solid in the hand, with “beautiful curves”, a “tight design” and amazing performance, according to a new #lickoflove sub-section on the company’s website that’s beyond creepy. Oh, well, at least you’re not encouraged to share similarly repugnant personal clips or pics. Just tweet about the campaign, and you can a win a pair of special edition 3Ts.

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