The conundrum of selling used iPhones in India rolls on

If at first Apple doesn’t succeed in trying to sell used iPhones in India, it tries again.

After the government rejected the company’s initial appeal to be able to officially operate first-party retail stores in the country, Bloomberg reports that Infinite Loop will submit another proposal to do so. And like nearly a year ago, it has requested a raft of concessions from certain regulations.

One of the main stipulations was the import of refurbished and certified iPhones for sale in those stores — mint condition iPhones are cost-prohibitive for the majority of India and Apple is looking to penetrate what might become its biggest growth market in years. That said, competitors and politicians are worried that allowing such a big player to lug in palette after palette of used phones in the face of an agenda to encourage manufacturers to “Make in India“.

Apple was only able to extract 2.5 million sales in the country last year through its retail connections. It hopes to build its case with a Bangalore components plant built in co-operation with Wistron. It also hopes to argue for the imports achieving certain standards, just like last year.

Oh, and Apple wants 15 years off from paying the tax man.

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