It’s a fact that the iPhone X is the phone which manages to keep its average resale value at 85% of the original price. Yes, it is true that smartphone usage and general ownership behavior has changed over the years. People hold on to their smartphones for longer periods. However, if you are looking for an upgrade, or even if you are not, and the opportunity arises to get a good price for your used iPhone or Galaxy device, you should sell. Or buy!

Recent information from Swappa seems to be just in line with the report above. The prices for the iPhone X vary from $776 to $863, depending on storage options and conditions. In comparison, a used iPhone 8 Plus sell for anywhere between $631 and $728. By contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is traded for anywhere between $637 and $796.

Data from Swappa also revealed that the best time to sell your current device is before its successor gets announced. With the Note9 happening a week from now, you should sell your Note8 as soon as you can, otherwise its price will plummet.

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About Swappa’s Pricing Data

Our friends at Swappa receive a large number of inquiries for their pricing data, since they’re in the unique position to see the prices at which used phones are actually selling.  As a result, for the first time ever, they have decided to consolidate Swappa iPhone prices and share it publicly. For both consumers and service providers, this is a great resource.

Why use Swappa’s Pricing Data for iPhone and Samsung Devices?

Swappa has the best data on used iPhone and Samsung Galaxy prices. The data is updated multiple times per day, based on the last seven days of sales, using the average sale price on Swappa that includes all conditions and all carriers. By doing this, they can consolidate all relevant iPhone and Galaxy prices on one page so that it’s easy to reference. Boom!

Why is Swappa’s data better?

Swappa’s data set is based on the prices that users are actually paying on Swappa with significant transaction volumes. Swappa only permits the sale of devices in good working order. Devices listed on Swappa are reviewed by their expert support team, which is not only a significant quality differentiator, but it also maintains the integrity of the data.

With seller proceeds pacing toward $100M in 2018, we believe Swappa’s data set is the most accurate source for used retail mobile device prices in the United States.

Below is a preview of the iPhone prices – including prices for the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8, the iPhone X and all other iPhones. To see the full and up to date prices, check out their iPhone price data.

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