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If you could, would you use your phone in the shower?

By Jaime Rivera May 31, 2013, 6:01 pm

When Motorola announced the Atrix HD, I did everything I could to get it, and I did. I know many of you are not fans of the RAZR, but it was the first GSM RAZR available, which is what works where I live. I didn’t want it because of its design, or the Kevlar, or the call quality, I just wanted it because of its Nano coating. I run as a hobby, and I sweat more than the average man, so for me it’s always peace of mind to have a phone that I don’t have to worry about getting wet. Sadly the Atrix HD is only splash proof. It can get wet and not become affected, but it’s not like if you can use it underwater, and running in the rain is a common thing.


Then came the Xperia Z. I was sadly not able to land one and instead got an Xperia ZL, but I’ll admit I wanted the Z. The reason why is again because it’s waterproof. It’s not waterproof enough to actually be used underwater as there are other new Xperias that can, but it’s a feature I look forward to in smartphones today.

Why? Well, why not? My children have spilled drinks on tables all the time, and one day my phone could be on top of one. We run into situations where we have to think twice about getting wet or not, and not because we can or cannot, but because our phone will get wet. I think it should be a standard that all smartphones are waterproof, simply because for the amount of money I pay for one, I should be able to ensure that it’ll last through my contract. Watches became waterproof decades ago, and if Motorola and Sony have figured it out, why can’t everybody else?


Now that said, a waterproof phone opens-up a ton of usage scenarios that aren’t common today. Time at the beach or at a pool can’t really be recorded in a photo or in a video yet, simply because we either swim or use the phone. I think twice about taking my phone to a concert because rain is always a possibility. The same happens when I go to a stadium, or to any open space during the rainy season. Sometimes I even carry a jacket, even if it’s not cold, just to protect my phone. When I run, I need to log my runs, and I need music to tempo-run, and I can’t run with any of my phones yet.

Today’s question is directly focused on you. What would happen if all these restrictions were gone? If you could, would you swim with your phone, go get wet at a concert with it or would you still prefer to keep these moments gadget free?

To make this even more direct, would you ever shower with your phone if you could? Think about it for a second. Really, it doesn’t get more private than in the shower. Would you be willing take a phone call or check your Facebook while you’re head is full of shampoo?

For me this poses an even more interesting question. Should there be a limit to my interaction with my phone? I’ll express why I would use my phone in the shower, and why I wouldn’t, and then we’d love to read about your thoughts on the subject.

Why I would use my phone in the shower


Yes, I’m one of those guys that takes his phone to the bathroom. I always do regardless of my need for it or not. I decided to do so after I once strained my lower back for no particular reason while I was in the shower. I couldn’t move, but I was lucky enough to have brought my phone with me to the bathroom. It was bad enough for me to have to call an ambulance since I lived alone back then, but can you imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t have my phone in the bathroom?

Honestly, it’s not that I would shower with my phone just for the sake of doing so, but I just love the peace of mind of knowing that if I need to, I can do so. I value an experience with no compromise, regardless of whether we’re talking about a replaceable battery, expandable storage, or rugged hardware. I never drop my phone, but it’s not like if I won’t ever do so by accident. I’d rather the peace of mind of knowing that if I ever drop it by accident, it won’t shatter. The same goes with the option of having a waterproof phone.

I’ve had minor situations every now and then when I see a call from people who would only call me if something were wrong. In that specific moment when I start trying to turn the shower off, dry up and respond on time for the phone to stop ringing, I’d rather have the option to be able to take the call while I’m still wet.

Why I would not shower with my phone


The odd part about using your phone everywhere you go is that we human beings need a life. Facebook, Twitter or Google+ aren’t real ways of interacting with people; going out with them is. I work out every day, and the last thing I want is for my phone to be ringing or alerting me of things while I run. When I do spinning, it’s meant to be a group workout, so you can imagine that I’m always annoyed at certain people that aren’t following the program just because they’re smiling at the text message they’re responding.

I find it disrespectful to the person you’re eating with, that you don’t put your phone down. The last thing you want is for your boss to be calling you during the time you’re showering, just because he knows that you have a waterproof phone and there shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to take his or her call.

The bottom line

I do like the ability to use my phone whenever I need to, but I don’t like the idea of making it a habit. Emergencies happen, and it’s always great to know that you have ways to communicate and deal with them. Sadly I do remember a time when I didn’t have a clear idea of what was urgent and what wasn’t. I considered everything urgent, and I didn’t have a life. I guess there is a thin line between the things you shouldn’t do, even if you can, like texting while driving. The same goes for making your phone inseparable just because you can.

So tell us your thoughts on being able to shower with a phone. If you could, would you do so? Would you make your phone inseparable from you just because technology has allowed you to? Leave us a comment.

I still want phones to be waterproof, but I also know that I’ll use them only if I have to.


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