Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6

If you want to know “what’s really going on in wireless” stateside, Wave7 Research claims to provide “in-depth knowledge” of the uber-competitive mobile carrier industry and, most notably, US smartphone sales across both postpaid and prepaid operators.

The research firm’s latest such report is for the most part unsurprising, although folks rooting for a certain minimal-bezel underdog will be disheartened to see it deemed “a flop.” No wonder it’s raining LG G6 deals, as the “Full Vision” 5.7-incher apparently “stumbled out of the gate”, with a lack of a “big-budget marketing campaign and in-store support from carriers” substantially shackling shipments.

There’s no word on actual June numbers, probably because Wave7 didn’t even wait until the month ended to compile this data, but the general trends are pretty obvious and straightforward.

Demand for the highly publicized Galaxy S8 duo is still strong, with the smaller model unexpectedly eclipsing the Plus all of a sudden after a diametrically opposed box-office start in the US and worldwide.

Samsung’s overall digits however aren’t so great, due to the “surprisingly quick” and abrupt exit from the spotlight of the S7 and S7 Edge. That’s where the Note 7 would have come in, but we all know why it’s no longer possible, even after a regional refurbished reboot.

Meanwhile, iPhones thrived, despite technically facing the same fading appeal issue as the Galaxy S7 dyad, “bouncing back somewhat in the aftermath of the April GS8 launch”, thanks mainly to Sprint’s recent BOGO combination. Excellent news for Apple, especially if the iPhone 8 ends up being delayed.

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