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US OnePlus 6T sales jump 86 percent from OnePlus 6 on day one

By Jules Wang November 11, 2018, 4:01 pm

Year after year, OnePlus has been able to report back terrific growth based on word of mouth alone. Beginning with very limited production runs of its phones, the company was slowly able to scale up to allow for invitation-free worldwide sales from day one.

But in the United States, it pulled out some big guns this year with not only network compliance for Verizon, but a huge carriage deal with T-Mobile. That’s more visibility and more places to use that 6T in.

As a result, OnePlus has told our partners at XDA-Developers that first-day US sales of the OnePlus 6T have grown by 86 percent from the OnePlus 6, released earlier this year.

Keeping in mind that a tiny fraction of total sales are made in the early part of the commercial cycle, we should note that the OnePlus 6 gained its first million sales in 22 days.



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