GSM Nation off-shoot and T-Mobile MVNO US Mobile announced today through PCMag that it was carrying Xiaomi and Meizu phones for its subscribers to purchase. It was a curious get for the carrier as both manufacturers have yet to produce phones fully compatible with US GSM and LTE networks and as we’re about to find out, we shouldn’t be getting too excited at this juncture.

The phones in question were:

We say “were” because the phones have all sold out — we weren’t able to pull up purchase pages on the US Mobile site. There’s a possibility that US Mobile got a shipment of leftovers: all three Xiaomi devices are already very mature in their lifespans while the Meizu M2 Note is well into its seventh month. The company’s CEO Ahmed Khattak says it has an ongoing relationship with Xiaomi and Meizu distributors, not the companies themselves. One of them is Omni Electronics HK, as evidenced through a cached page.

As we said, the bad news for those with Xiaomi and Meizu cravings stateside is that they’re out of luck for now. The good news? US Mobile has a foot in the door and if you’re craving a new Meizu or Xiaomi phone stateside, there’s a stray chance you can get one in the future.

Source: PCMagUS Mobile (Cache)
Via: Android Police

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