US iPhone market share grew in the spring, Huawei shrank in Europe

Samsung could get unseated from the top spot in US smartphones sales if the iPhone 8 and iPhone X prove popular. Kantar Worldpanel has released market share reports for the second calendar quarter of 2017 and has some interesting thoughts on not just the Apple-Samsung rivalry, but how Sony has played spoiler to Huawei.

Q2 Share {difference from 2016}Android (%)iOS (%)Windows (%)Other (%)
France80.5 {+4.4}18.5 {-0.1}1 {-3.8}0 {-0.5}
Germany81.5 {+1.4}17 {+2}1.2 {-3.6}0.4 {+0.2}
Great Britain64 {+6.4}34.6 {-3.4}1 {-3.3}0.3 {-0.1}
Italy83.5 {+0.8}13.7 {+1.1}2.6 {-2.1}0.2 {+0.2}
Spain91.1 {+1.1}8.6 {-0.6}0.3 {-0.3}0 {-0.1}
EU5 composite80.1 {+2.8}18.4 {+0.1}1.3 {-2.9}0.2 {0}
Australia64.7 {+4.4}35 {-0.7}0.4 {-2.7}0 {-1}
China80.4 {-4.8}19.3 {+5.1}0 {-0.2}0.2 {-0.3}
Japan61.4 {-3.3}37.9 {+3.7}0.3 {-0.3}0 {-1}
US64.1 {-1.5}34.1 {+2.6}1.3 {-1.1}0.5 {0}

Android leads the way for all the measured markets, but peeling the story behind sub-regions and manufacturers paints some positive signs for Apple.

Top Android OEM Samsung grew market share with its Galaxy S8 devices — it alone grew 2.5 percent in market share over a year to 36.2 percent. Apple, in the dearth of its release cycle, grew 2.6 percent to 34.1 percent. Since the current quarter will feature a few new model iPhone sales to offset what would typically be Apple’s weakest quarter for unit sales otherwise, any aberrations from this point forward will be picked at and argued about.

In addition to the US, iPhones made relative gains in share on Android in China, Germany, Italy, Japan. China bought, for the first time, more of the latest Plus models than of the latest regular iPhone units in a quarter.

Oddly, in the European Union’s top five markets, Sony as an OEM gained 1.4 percent to 4.8 percent market share — not an easy task for a diminished brand. Kantar analysts believe that between Sony and Samsung, entry and mid-range level devices helped depress EU5 growth for Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer lost share in Spain and the UK, though compensatory gains in other regions helped it eke out a 2.2 percent annual win.

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