The Donald Trump White House has yet to rubber stamp key provisions of the repeal of net neutrality as approved by the FCC.

Several monetarily-related amendments to the Restoring Internet Freedom Act that require approval from the Office of Management and Budget have yet to be signed off by director Mick Mulvaney (pictured above). Other provisions were allowed to come into effect on April 23.

Harold Feld of the Wetmachine blog network notes that the lack of movement is “highly unusual” given FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s relative rush of the repeal vote, which took place before Christmas. We do know that the federal government has been chronically understaffed with certain appointed positions standing empty since Trump took office, but there’s chatter that the government could be waiting on more net neutrality legislation as crafted by the ISP industry.

As the United States goes into a midterm election year, especially with a Republican president in power who has come against strong resistance from opponents, Congress will not be handling major legislation for the time being and may shift Democratic, thus precluding any laws regulating the internet in any way from passing.

In the meantime, Title II consumer protections still technically apply to internet service providers.

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