With more and more secure transaction that need to be transmitted from smartphones more often, manufacturers have decided that they needed to lock things down on the ROM side. Samsung, being one of them, has been the most troublesome as it has decided to completely break features like Samsung Pay if Knox security picks up something wrong.

Well, ROM hackers at the XDA-Developers forum have had enough and have published a tutorial on how to achieve root on a US unlocked Galaxy S8+ without triggering a lock-up. The method, which should also apply to the S8, has the name of “SamPWND.”

The first thing to know is that the bootloader is not affected by this hack as it uses an exploit — one that could be patched in a security update. Second, you’ll want to be sure you don’t fit a square peg into a circular hole as this involves a four-file ODIN firmware shuffle. Third, you can try this exploit on your own Snapdragon Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ (SM-G950U/G950U1/G955U/G55U1), even if yours isn’t a US unit. You may proceed at your own risk. Head to our source bar below this story.

A team of six XDA members have worked months getting the recipe together. “It’s late,” they say, but it’s all well worth it.

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