US Cellular, typically treated as an odd child in the realm of the “Big Four” carriers in the nation, tagged along with the rest of them on Friday in introducing some form of an unlimited data plan.

The company’s “Total Plans with No Hidden Fees” take what may be a future page from T-Mobile by getting rid of activation fees (which all the Big Four do have and elect to implement depending on the season), monthly device connection charges (Verizon, mostly), phone upgrade fees (everyone) and no data overage fees (US Cellular is pretty much the last to follow on this trend).

Unlike the Un-carrier, though, monthly service bills will still see surcharges and regulatory fees put on top of the base plan rate.

There are three high-speed data tiers: 2GB, 6GB and “unlimited”.¬†Streaming video bandwidth will be set for high definition on the “limited” tiers and standard definition for the “unlimited” tier. Once the bucket’s tipped over (for the unlimited tier, that’s at 22GB), speeds drop to 2G.

If you’re looking for some “unlimited” graces, you do have full-speed hotspot and free calling to Mexico and Canada.

Now that you know all that, let’s talk pricing. Each line gets its own bucket and subsequent lines will cost less than the one before them (except beyond line #4).

See the handy table below. Note that these prices are with AutoPay and eBilling discounts:

Lines 2GB 6GB Unlimited
Line 1 $40 $50 $60
Line 2 +$35 +$45 +$55
Line 3 +$25 +$35 +$45
Line 4 and more +$20 +$30 +$40

Tablets and connected devices get their own data tiers with 1GB at $10 per month, 4GB at $25 and 10GB at $40.

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