US Army reportedly looking to move from Android devices to ‘faster, smoother’ iPhone 6s

While certainly annoying and time-consuming, the occasional app freeze, lag or system crash is unlikely to impact an average mobile user’s life in a truly meaningful way. On the literal battlefield, however, a split second is often the difference between life and death, so clearly, the US Army Special Operations Command can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance equipment.

Oddly enough, unconfirmed reports suggest The Department of Defense has been living with sub-par, problematic Android Tactical Assault kits recently, known to require constant reboots wasting valuable minutes in delicate “situational awareness” circumstances.

But the trigger is about to be pulled in Apple’s favor, according to an inside source “not authorized to speak to the media”, with the “faster, smoother” iPhone 6s recruited as the new iTAC, aka iPhone Tactical Assault Kit.

This should help play live video from unmanned aerial systems such as Instant Eye sans interruptions, also allowing small military unit leaders to perform various vital tasks, like tracking their troops and enemies, and keeping an eye on UAS feeds, often simultaneously.

A multitasking beast with a copious amount of RAM and frugal OS is probably the best fit for the job, and if the Army previously used an older Samsung Galaxy flagship, that would explain the need for an upgrade.

Source: DoDBuzz
Via: 9To5Mac

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