Things haven’t been so great between the United States and China lately. They have been working on closing a trade deal that would help both countries and their companies. One of the most affected by all this mess is Huawei. Apple was also going to be hit by new tariffs that were going to be applied on Sunday, but a new agreement may start making things better.

A new US and China trade deal could be close. A basic outline of this deal has been reached, and it prevents Apple products to receive a new 15% tariff. These tariffs would’ve affected the iPhone by increasing its price by $150. iPads and MacBooks would’ve also been affected starting on Sunday. This new trade deal will help to ease the tension between both countries and it may even help other companies, such as Huawei, to get back into a regular business. A price increase would’ve affected Apple sales, and maybe demand would’ve dropped as much as 8%, or at least that’s what the latest report from Bloomberg suggests.

Source: 9to5Mac

Via: The Verge

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